Bachelor of Business Administration

About BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

VSICS offers a three years full time Bachelor of Business Administration program. The Program is designed to provide practical grounding about management knowledge for aspiring students become successful computer professional in the fast changing IT scenario. Through the balanced blend of theory, practice, values and attitude the program seeks to equip the students with value based conduct, emotional maturity, analytical ability, cross functional capability and leadership skills to operate effectively in a highly volatile and multicultural business environment.

The Curriculum

The 3 years curriculum is divided into 6 semesters. 1st to 5th include lectures, tutorials, practical, seminars as defined by the university from time to time. 6th Semester will exclusively be devoted to practical training in the industries/organizations. The curriculum also includes the co-curricular activities as prescribed by the university.

The Better Choice

Training and Teaching Methodology

■ Integrated learning by team-work follower approach.
■ Acquisition & Corporatisation of knowledge is emphasized.
■ Continuous industry interaction by corporate visits in both private and public sector.
■ Teaching through LCD & other modern gadget.
■ Debates, Quizzes, Symposia and other instructional method.
■ Soft skill classes to improve communication and presentation skills.

Supplementary Courses

■ Programmes on latest technologies.
■ Communication Skills & Personality Development Programme.
■ Computer Literacy Programme.

Personality Development Programme

In addition to technical knowledge, a need was felt to improve the personality of budding Managers & Technocrats to suit the corporate needs. VSICS is the first Institute in the region to run a regular personality development programme for its students. This encompasses communication development, management games, oratary & attitude development programmes. The Personality Development Programme is of great help to the students in lapping and honning their personality traits and preparing them for final placements. A separate cell has been created for the same purpose.


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